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For more than a decade, we've been relentlessly setting new standards for the trading of fixed income and derivatives. Now, as new regulations take effect, Tradeweb provides clearing connectivity, SDR reporting, and a flexible, compliant platform to keep you trading safely and efficiently. That's why the leading institutional investors depend on our markets.

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the Market
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Tradeweb has the right tools to help you choose how to leverage market opportunity. As the leader in the electronic trading of Interest Rate Swaps, we are the natural choice for clients, who have executed $11 trillion in IRS trades on our ever-expanding platform since 2005. With Tradeweb, you can access liquidity from the world’s key players. You can hold live online auctions, place dealers in competition, and see their quotes on one screen in real-time. You’ll also benefit from a robust suite of analytics to support your trading strategies. Maximize efficiency with an automated end-to-end workflow; we’re connected to all the major clearing houses to help you trade seamlessly under the new regulations. And since we have built our platforms to comply with proposed regulations, you’ll be better prepared for what the future holds.

  • Access to 20+ Dealers

    Committed to providing liquidity.

  • Flexibility

    Choice of preferred trading protocols including request-based quotes and click-to-trade.

  • Breadth of Trade Types

    Allows you to execute outrights, spread switches, benchmark vs. Treasuries, IMM rate trades, rate switches, and butterflies all in one place.

  • Eleven Currencies

    Including USD, EUR, YEN, GBP, CHF, CAN, SEK, DKK, NOK, AUD and NZD with more to come.

  • Price Transparency

    Real-time market data gives you an unprecedented view of the swaps market.

  • Regulatory ready

    So you’ll be better prepared for what the future holds.

Greater Choice


Our market-supported CDS platform delivers prices for CDX and iTraxx indices directly from the leading dealers. From outrights to rolls, to curves and switches, you can execute the trade type that suits your needs. And we supply fully automated post-trade processing, clearing, connectivity, and reporting. Since we designed and built our system to comply with proposed regulatory changes, you’ll be better prepared for what’s coming.

  • CDS Indices

    From the industry leader in electronic trading.

  • Pre-Trade Transparency

    Allows you to view aggregated streaming levels from multiple dealers on one screen.

  • Multiple Trade Protocols

    Include click-to-trade, request-for-market, and request-for-quote.

  • Clearing Connectivity

    Provides you with access to all the major clearing organizations.

  • Automated Processing

    Ensures fast and easy confirmation, reporting, and clearing.

  • Regulation Ready

    Means being better prepared for what the future brings.

Every Transaction

the Future

Make every transaction simpler. Trade equity futures and options on European equity indices, sector indices, and single stocks. Tradeweb has built a robust platform for European clients, based on proven technology already in use by thousands of buy-side firms. Tradeweb allows you to execute trades many times faster than on the phone. Consolidated liquidity pools allow you to hold live auctions with up to five dealers at once. On the back end, real-time processing and post-trade systems save you time. And since our platform is built to comply with proposed regulations, you will be better prepared for the future.

  • Equity Derivatives

    With improved discovery and efficiency.

  • Consolidated Liquidity

    Lets you hold auctions with up to five of the world’s top dealers at once.

  • Faster Response Time

    Using state-of-the-art technology, all on your desktop.

  • Regulation Ready

    Helps ensure you’re prepared for the future.



Tradeweb’s electronic FX Options marketplace delivers fast pricing in all major currencies from multiple dealers simultaneously. With our flexible and intuitive trading platform you can build tickets quickly and easily. Efficiencies from instant pricing and fully automated post-trade processing means you’re better equipped to stay ahead of the curve. And since our platform is built to comply with proposed regulations, as regulations shift, you'll be better prepared for the future.

  • Faster Pricing

    With direct connectivity to major dealers.

  • Serious Liquidity

    From the big players in all the major currencies.

  • Electronic Processing

    Facilitates fast and easy processing and reporting.

  • Regulatory Ready

    Helps ensure you're prepared for the future.

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