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Flexible and Compliant
TW SEF Swap Execution Facility

Deep Liquidity, Connectivity, and Flexible Trading

Ready now for the new Derivatives Marketplace

Liquidity loves efficiency. That singular premise has driven the evolution of Tradeweb since we launched our first electronic trading platform for U.S. Treasuries in 1998, and across our platforms for global government bonds, mortgages and derivatives today. As the U.S. derivatives market has shifted to trading under Dodd-Frank, we are still focused on market efficiency as our guiding principle.

Tradeweb launched its first derivatives trading platform for interest rate swaps and credit default swap indices in 2005. In that time, we have processed more than 210,000 trades, representing more than $15 trillion in notional volume. With more than 30 leading liquidity providers on board, and seamless connections to all major clearing houses, market participants are capitalizing on greater trading and reporting efficiency through electronic trading on swap execution facilities (SEFs) like Tradeweb.

Flexibility with the TW SEF

The Tradeweb TW SEF provides market participants with the greatest flexibility to trade interest rate swaps and credit default swap indices in a disclosed, request-based market. The platform integrates an order book with other request-based protocols to help ensure compliant trading and seamless connections to clearing houses, SDRs, middleware vendors, and order management systems.

Connected to Clearing

Tradeweb is directly connected to all major clearinghouses/derivatives clearing organizations and middleware vendors including CME, LCH, ICE, and MarkitWire and ICE Link. When a client elects to clear a trade, they leverage Tradeweb’s industry leading pre-trade credit checking solution to immediately determine available credit to back and instantaneously approve the trade. Once the trade is executed, it is automatically submitted to the client’s clearinghouse of choice in real time.

Reporting to Swap Data Repositories (SDRs)

Swap Data Reporting is also built into TW SEF with seamless connectivity to SDRs. Tradeweb SEF electronically process derivatives trades once they are executed, removing the need for the client to manually fulfill regulatory reporting requirements. Information on all trades that are reported to trade repositories and Swap Data Repositories (SDRs) are available for review through Tradeweb InSite, our resource that stores publically reported SDR data alongside Tradeweb market data for added perspective and analysis.