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    Tradeweb Direct is the premier source for financial advisors, RIAs, traders and buy-side investors who need fast, reliable execution and portfolio analytics for their fixed income trading needs.

    The Tradeweb Direct Offering 

      A best-in-class advisor platform with flexible trading protocol

      Direct access to deep liquidity with real-time inventory and competitive pricing

      Dynamic and integrated fixed income portfolio analytics

      Various compliance controls, data and reporting as well as optional white-labeling

      Full integration with seamless front-to-back connectivity, order validation and post-trade execution

      Effective implementation overseen by a seasoned team of professionals

    Tradeweb Direct by the Numbers 

  • Asset Class Unique Bonds Total Offerings
    Agency 5,368 14,542
    CD 17,380 31,985
    Corp 21,405 150,915
    Muni 63,667 103,772
    Treas 578 4,359
    Total 108,398 305,573

    Last updated: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:10 AM EST

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