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    Market Data intelligence every second of the trading day

    Every day thousands of the world’s most influential institutional buyers and sellers rely on Tradeweb to deliver accurate, real-time market data including bond market data. Sourced from 50+ leading dealers, we provide streaming price updates that give the most demanding and influential marketplace participants the split-second market intelligence they need to make key trading decisions. Our trusted market data is sourced in major financial publications across the globe.

    Tradeweb's real-time market data services covers fixed income and derivatives asset classes, including all major government bond markets and bond market data:

    • U.S. Treasuries - Bills, notes, bonds, STRIPS and TIPS
    • TBA-MBS - Fannie Mae, Federal Home Loan, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae Benchmark Remic and Freddie Mac Reference Remic
    • U.S. agency securities - Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank, FNMA and FHLMC subordinated debt, FHLB TAPS, Federal Farm Credit, and Tennessee Valley Authority
    • Money markets - U.S. CP rates, European CP rates, European deposits, European CDs, U.S. CDs, Agency discount notes
    • European government bonds - Bills, bonds, Gilts, index-linked bonds, Gilt index-linked bonds
    • European covered bonds  
    • Supranationals 
    • European credit  
    • Japanese government bonds - Bills, bonds and index-linked bonds
    • Interest rate swaps - U.S. dollar, Euro, yen and pound sterling
    • CDS indices - CDX Investment Grade, CDX high yield, iTraxx

    MD Link: The Tradeweb Add-In 

    Sign up for MD Link to feed our trusted, real-time market data into your Excel spreadsheets for customized modeling and analysis. 
    Here are some of the Tradeweb MD Link features:

    • Streaming real-time prices
    • Historical closing price data
    • Historical quote intervals of 1 minute or greater
    • Historical tick data
    • Same day closing marks
    • Price formats in decimal or 32nds including the "+" and 1/8 or a 32nd.

    Contact Tradeweb's Market Data group for more information. 

    Tradeweb and Thomson Reuters Eikon  

    Under a long-term agreement, Thomson Reuters redistributes our market data. Tradeweb prices are available to Thomson Reuters customers through Thomson Reuters Eikon or via an exclusive, secure datafeed.

    Clients may upgrade to Thomson Reuters Eikon with integrated access to the Tradeweb execution platform, offering best-in-class products from both companies via a seamless desktop solution. Trading services and data continues to be provided through the Tradeweb Viewer. 

    Visit Thomson Reuters for more information about Tradeweb market data on Thomson Reuters Eikon.


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