• $350 Billion Traded with Confidence. Daily.

    Unmatched access to the world's deepest liquidity pool.

  • Changing the way business gets done

    Fourteen years ago, Tradeweb introduced the request-for-quote protocol for the electronic trading of U.S. Treasuries—literally changing the way business gets done. Since then, we’ve built an unmatched reputation in the fast-moving world of fixed income trading. It’s taken a lot of hard work and thousands of face-to-face meetings, but by harnessing the liquidity of the leading dealers, we’ve created a powerful, efficient trading tool for today’s institutional investors. 

    Where the world’s sovereign debt is traded

    Government bonds are at the heart of our rate markets. With over a million price updates a day, you can monitor and trade all the world’s major sovereign debt markets, including those of the U.S., Europe and Asia. And since you can trade any time, around the clock, you’ll complete your business when it matters to you—no matter where you are.

    Fixed income and beyond

    Our European clients benefit from click-to-trade functionality, list trading, full price discovery, as well as RFQ for all the most active bonds. We offer more than 250 Japanese government bonds supported by a suite of robust bond analytics. In the U.S., our clients increasingly rely on us for a broad range of Treasury trading functionality. But it’s not just government bonds. We have the world’s largest marketplace for mortgages (more than $90 billion in average daily trading volume) and, in the U.S., a high proportion of the agency market is now electronically traded. And with the run-up to new regulations in the U.S. and Europe, we’re experiencing a sharp uptake in trading activity for derivatives.


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